Grades PreK-5
Community Partnership Coalition
330 Central Avenue
East Orange, NJ   07018
Telephone:  (973) 266-5940
Mr. David T. Johnson, Principal

Ecole Toussaint Louverture, named after the Great Liberator of Haiti, is a Pre-K through fifth grade school. Louverture offers students a special opportunity to prepare for the future through an emphasis on college and career readiness along with a competency in the french language providing students with the necessary language skills to function effectively in the global economy.

Our researched-based reading program is taught each day during an uninterrupted block of time. Students are placed in reading groups according to their reading ability. Students meet with their teacher in guided reading groups to discuss literature focusing on skills needed to develop independence and a solid foundation in reading. Students who don't make progress are provided with intervention by their teacher, or in some cases specially trained reading teachers/tutors. Louverture employs the writers workshop model where students analyze writing techniques, fine tuning their craft by conferencing with teachers one-on-one

Math and Science are taught using a hands-on approach to learning. In math, students use manipulatives to develop skills in computation and problem solving. In Science, students conduct experiments to explore scientific principles and to learn about the scientific method.

Technology is integrated in all aspects of our curriculum from reading and writing to math, science, and social studies.  All students have access to a laptop computer, where students do center activities, conduct research, write reports and e-mail staff. In addition, they're able to access their reading, science and math texts on-line, and parents are able to access the textbooks on their home computers.

Parent involvement is crucial to the success of our program at Louverture School. Parents generously volunteer their time to read to students and make presentations on Career day. Throughout the year we conference with parents and sponsor a series of workshops to educate parents about our programs, objectives and expectations. After school clubs such as  Louverture Gems, the Sons of Louverture, Second and Third Grade Boys Book Club, and the Etiquette Club provide enrichment in character and social skills as well as academics. In addition, our PTA sponsors exciting events bringing parents, teachers and students together to provide opportunities to strengthen the home school bonds of our Louverture community. The BASS Foundation supports the Boys reading programs along with the
Father Mentoring Program and seasonal Tennis Clinics.
Louverture has partnered with a number of community organizations and businesses to benefit our students and families. One Warm Coat, Weichert Realty, The Food Bank, Forman Mills along with local churches and businesses donate uniforms, clothing and toys, food and supplies throughout the year. These outreach efforts help to further Louverture's goal of empowering and educating students for the demand of the 21st century.